Window Cleaning in Tauranga

Most homeowners don’t like to clean windows. Are you one of them? That’s because quality window/s cleaning often requires time, moreover it’s difficult and dangerous to do. Using ammonia with paper towels, ammonia, a newspaper with cleansing agent or even a baby diaper are the most common windows cleaning tricks that are being used by everyone. Sometimes we assume that our windows are clean because they look clean. However, over the period they accumulate germs, dust, dirt which can be dangerous for you and your family.

Epic Cleaning services specializes in providing residential and commercial (midrise as well as high rise) window cleaning services to blaze both the interior and exterior of your residential or commercial building. Our experts are well trained to get the job done right in an efficient manner. Our local experts live locally to the contracts that they clean. Each expert is given training on the regular bases so that they can keep themselves updated with latest information and technologies that are used for cleaning and facility management.

Our Typical cleaning process involves the following processes. Our Experts will firstly rub and scrub your windows to release the build-up of airborne contaminants, grease and grime. Then a glass is squeegeed clean with the use of professional-grade equipment. This will almost remove 99.9% of the unwanted impurities i.e. water and dirt from the pores of the glass. At last, edges and sills are wiped, cleaned, and dried, leaving behind nothing but sparkling glass.

Just, think of how long it takes to clean one window and make it shine like new…then multiply that by how many windows you have in your house. What you could possibly do with those precious minutes and hours? Wouldn’t you spend this free time with your kids, or any other activity? Let our team of professionals handle this task and give you back the free time that you and your family deserve. At Epic Cleaning Services, we understand the value of your valuable time. Your local experts are ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you.

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At the Epic Cleaning Services, we believe our excellent customer service begins with the very first phone call. Call us @ 0800-800-56, get in touch with one of our executives and describe your residential or office window cleaning needs to us. Upon analyses of your needs, we’ll provide a free estimate, as well as provide an information about any deals we may be running in your area. So, what you are waiting for. Call us Now.