Vinyl Floor Striping

Epic cleaning specializes in vinyl floor stripping, buffing, scrubbing, commercial vinyl floor striping, and polishing also has an automatic scrubber for the large floor areas.
Revive your floors and give them a brand new feel with our vinyl floor stripping and polishing in Tauranga.

Therefore with the best high-quality equipment in use,

we ensure minimum hassles and timely delivery of the promised guarantee at affordable prices.

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Vinyl floor stripping and automatic scrubber are one of our highly valued services at Epic Cleaning Services,

Our vinyl floor cleaners use high-quality machines to scrub all the grime, grease and stains away from your floors,

And serve as efficient cleaners without leaving any scope for complaints and doubts. 

However, with the level of experience and industry knowledge that we hold, we never fail to impress! 

You will be really happy to see the final result after stripping, sealing, and polishing your vinyl floor.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment allows us to take charge of the situation moreover strip the floor off of several layers of sealers,

Which is most important to remodel and re-level it for a better appearance.

Please have a look at our gallery to see how we work and why we are the right pick for your project to do vinyl cleaning.

Make the most of your property’s vinyl floor stripping in Tauranga by hiring the most outstanding service in Tauranga.

We use specialized solutions and equipment to penetrate our solutions rapidly for deep cleaning,

After that, all the layers of sealers remove abrasively to turn your floor into a canvas for new polishes. 

In short, the floor gives you a brand new look. Contact us today to get your free quote and get your floor deep clean.


We use high-end sealing and polishing solutions to turn around the appearance of your floor otherwise dull-looking flooring and give it a brand new feel at affordable prices. Not only do we ensure stunning results but also save you a significant deal of effort and funds efficiently. For further discussion, ring us today.

Our vinyl floor stripping & automatic Scrubber Services in Tauranga revives your floors and makes them super-shiny. We use high-quality equipment. Call now.

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