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Why is it mandatory to professionally clean the couch, sofa, or upholstery?
The germs and dust mites that live inside the upholstery can be environmentally unfriendly,

Mostly because if you live in a household with your family and pets. 

Soiled and unclean upholstery is often caused poor air quality in the house and disease like,

Asthma, sore throats, and allergies, especially in children. 

The poor condition of your upholstery has a lot to say about you as a homeowner, 

And none of it will sound pleasing to you. Bearing that in mind, let the upholstery cleaning specialists,

Give your furniture a facelift by removing all stains and grime without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Hire professional upholstery cleaner today at Epic Cleaning Services!

We also offer carpet cleaningHouse cleaning, and window cleaning.

Irrespective of how beautifully you have decorated your home, 

A single piece of poor-looking upholstery in the living room or bedroom can alone bring the entire decor to shame. 

That’s what we aim to avoid for your property with our high-end best upholstery and sofa cleaning. 

No matter how much you scrub the furniture fabric, some things are always better when left to professionals.

What makes us more reliable than others is the fact that we always listen to our customers,

And pay close attention to detail for achieving complete satisfaction.

Our long list of recurring clients tells us that we are working fine and doing everything right.

Epic cleaning employs a highly trained team of professional upholstery cleaner, sofa steam cleaner, and lounge cleaner.

Professional Furniture cleaning, from your living room to your bedroom, 

Faces extreme wear and tear over the years and so keeping them in shape for enhancing the longevity is crucial.

That’s where we come into play at Epic Cleaning Services. With high-end cleaning equipment and machine in use for your project, 

Whether you are preparing for a party or just following-up on your annual clean-up,

Epic Cleaning Services guarantees in-depth cleaning of all available upholstery and cleaning couch cushions at your property with a promise of 100% satisfaction. 

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We also provide cleaning for Persian and wool rugs.

Rugs are an important part of every room, be it Persian, Oriental, or an area rug.

It brings together the décor and becomes the center of attraction. With its essential role, comes the beating that it takes due to regular use. It receives huge traffic every day, along with frequent spills and dust; giving it an old and withered look.  

Are you facing the same problem? Don’t know how to bring your precious rug back to life? Although there are many DIY tools and equipment for you to do the task yourself,

We highly recommend you to hire a professional to do it for you. It not only reduces the risk but also assures you of the results since the technicians are well trained for it.

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