Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpets not only uplift the decor of your home but also serve the purpose of being your kids and pet’s favorite hangout spot. That being said, maintaining its hygiene is all the more crucial. While you cater to your family’s and your needs, leave your carpet needs to be handled by the specialists at Epic Cleaning Services. 

Gone are the days when you had to leave your carpets aside for days after steam cleaning to let it dry off. At Epic Cleaning Services, our team is equipped with the latest equipment which not only thoroughly steam cleans your carpet but also uses less water so they can be used again within 3-4 hours of the service.

From food and wine stains to pet urine and other odours, we use high-quality eco-friendly products and disinfectants to keep all dust and dirt-borne diseases at bay. Revive the colour and beauty of your carpets by booking your steam carpet cleaning in Tauranga with us.

Steam cleaning makes use of powerful hot water extraction system – spraying a carpet at high pressure with a mixture of cleaning agent and very hot water. This process, loosens the dirt, grime and soil from the carpet.

After then, a vacuum cleaner is run over the carpet to remove the hot water. This hot water extraction method results in removing strains, killing bacteria and removing out dirt, grime and soil. With Epic Cleaning services, this system is fully controllable with regards to heat and water flow, so even the delicate rugs and dirt can be safely removed and cleaned.

Hire the most reputed choice for steam carpet cleaning in Tauranga at Epic Cleaning Services and relish in the comfort of sanitised carpets at affordable prices.

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