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Just like any other property, your industrial premises deserve to be profoundly industrial cleaning services, Once in a week, fortnightly or every day to make it a clean and ideal working space for all your employees.

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High-end industrial cleaning services in Tauranga at Epic Cleaning Services.

Do you have a big event coming up at your industrial place but your floors don’t seem ready for it? 

Well, then worry no more and let the industrial cleaners and commercial grade floor machine specialists,

Epic Cleaning Services take care of the heavy load for you. 

Over many years of experience in the field and a set of high-quality equipment help, we transform the appearance of your industrial floors in just a few hours.

We also provide commercial cleaning, office cleaning, and floor tile cleaning.

We also have industrial vacuum sweepers and large commercial scrubbers to clean,

massive commercial places, concrete floors, and tile floors in Tauranga,

 where we club our innovation with our knowledge and skills to secure heart-warming results which will leave you joyous. 

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We are also a superior pick for factory cleaning services for floor stripping and polishing in Tauranga, 

Where we employ the best industry practices coupled with result-driven products to fulfil our promise of lasting results.

We spare you a great deal of money by revamping your current floors beautifully, eliminating the need for new and expensive installation. 

Relocation of industrial cleaning services

If you are moving to a new commercial place, you must be looking for its cleaning and making it livelier for your employees.

Only a healthy and happy environment in the industry premises can boost an employee’s productivity and activity. 

In relocation cleaning services we clean every single area and part of your office like,

Massive floor, benchtops, marks on the wall, mirrors, kitchen, and pantry area, etc. to give your office an excellent look.

Give your industrial property an uber makeover by getting rid of all the dust, dirt, and grime from the entire property with the help of an industrial floor cleaning machine.

We are the masters of industrial cleaning in Tauranga and offer a cost-effective, punctual, and fast cleaning service that will do the trick for you.

This is a gigantic task if you have just shifted a newly built building or a new office. A complete mess is in the form of stinking toilets, stained tiles, haphazard building material hovering here and there, and stained walls, floors, and window glasses from inside/outside.

This total mess adjustment is our everyday task and we can sort out this in a few hours with our professional cleaning team.

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