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Your residential property deserves a thorough deep cleaning service every month or so to keep it looking fresh and welcoming for you as well as your guests. To make sure that your home looks clean and tidy without you putting in any effort, give us a call at Epic Cleaning Services and book your house cleaning in Tauranga today!

We respect your privacy and offer a high-quality home cleaning service in Tauranga. And also our dedicated team uses eco-friendly and green products to look after you and your family.

Also looking for steam carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning

 Whether you are hosting a party or you need an after-party clean-up to restore your home to its original form, Epic Cleaning Services is equipped with the right tools and skills to provide you with coveted results. Our team of hand-picked cleaners is well-known in the Tauranga market for their diligence and mastery in residential and domestic cleaning. 

Our house cleaning facility includes every inch of your home based on your requirements. From floors and windows to basement and, we know how to stun you with remarkable cleanliness at affordable prices. We have specialized tools for every part of your house, which helps us secure a satisfactory experience for all our clients.

Are the stains on your floor and the dirt and grime buildup on your windows and doors steadily getting on your nerves? Well, you deserve to reside in a germ & dirt-free which is sanitized and hygienic for your family, and that’s what we excel at Epic Cleaning Services. Whether you are a housewife or a working mom, we understand your pain areas and will do everything in our power to achieve our goals of customer satisfaction.

We have various deep and house cleaning Tauranga services packages in store for you, which can be customized to fit the bill for you and your budget. Get your quote today!

1. Customizability – We make sure that we adapt to the clients’ schedule and not the other way around. We bend ourselves to make sure that our clients get what they are looking for. We not only stop at just adapting to the clients' schedule, but we also make sure that the client gets exactly the cleaning services they are looking for so as to ensure that they don’t end up paying extra for something that they didn’t wish for in the first place.
2. Experience – We do not claim to be the ideal cleaning partner without any evidence or reason. Owing to the professionals who have accumulated years of experience and the recommendation of our clients, we can justify our claim that states us to be your best choice for availing cleaning services at your place. Along with skills and experience, we also utilize modern equipment and methods to make sure that we provide our clients with the best cleaning experience.
3. Safety – We use only biodegradable sprays and cleaning solutions that are
environment-friendly. We make sure that our cleaning products are free of any kind of toxic fumes that might harm anyone living within the residence.

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