End of Tenancy Cleaning

Epic Cleaning ensures you get your bond back quickly by hiring well-experienced, End of tenancy or lease cleaning services at a top-rated and reputed cleaning company. 

Our trained exit clean cleaner is here to help you whether your house needs,

Builder cleaning, deep cleaning services, or one-off cleaning. 

You can add in additional services like steam carpet cleaning in combination with the end-of-tenancy services.

We also offer carpet cleaningwindow cleaning, and deep cleaning services.

Epic Cleaning Services has served as the premier choice for tenancy cleaning in Tauranga for years now. 

We are well aware of how problematic can it be to shift your residence. 

So we present ourselves as a breather for you amidst all the chaos. 

Leaving your rented property in a terrible condition will not only tarnish your reputation,

In front of the landlord but also pose questions on your bond money. 

Avoid such a situation by presenting the property in the best light with the assistance of Epic Cleaning Services. 

However, of the size & scale of the work, our specialists in end-of-tenancy house cleaning in Tauranga never shy from a challenge. 

We are a team of dedicated professionals who keep customer satisfaction above all and spare no effort in achieving our goals gloriously.

 Book your next tenancy cleaning & exit clean service with us today.

Epic Cleaning Services has various packages in place for the end of lease cleaning Tauranga, 

which are curated based on client needs and specifications, Our dedicated and experienced team,

Trained skilled staff, and make sure that no under-experienced cleaner steps foot on your property for cleanliness purposes.

Our packages are quite detailed and come with no hidden charges, ensuring complete transparency in our dealings with the clients. 

From your closet and cabinets to light fittings and ceiling stains, a spotless home is what you should expect after we are finished. 

Please have a look at our packages and contact us to book the one which fits right in your budget.


Why Choose Us?

The following few of the reason to let you know why we are the ideal candidate for you to choose to clean after your tenants:- 

Customizability – We make sure that we adapt to the clients’ schedule and not the other way around.

We bend ourselves to make sure that our clients get what they are looking for.

We not only stop at just adapting to the clients’ schedule, but we also make sure that the client gets exactly the cleaning services,

They are looking for so as to ensure that they don’t end up paying extra for something that they didn’t wish for in the first place.

Experience – We do not claim to be the ideal cleaning partner without any evidence or reason.

Owing to the professionals who have accumulated years of experience and the recommendation of our clients,

We can justify our claim that states us to be your best choice for availing cleaning services at your place.

Along with skills and experience, we also utilize modern equipment and methods to make sure that we provide our clients with the best cleaning experience. 

Safety – We use only biodegradable products and cleaning solutions that are environment-friendly. We make sure that our cleaning products are free of any kind of toxic fumes that might harm anyone living within the residence. 

How to contact us?

To reserve a cleaning appointment for cleaning after vacating tenants, clients can drop us an email or can contact us through our number that is provided on the website.

Clients are requested to inform us of their cleaning requirements at least 1 business day in advance so we can provide them with unhindered and smooth cleaning experience.

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