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If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Tauranga.  LOOK no further. Call us today to get your house or commercial carpet cleaning, stain removal, or rug cleaning services in almost all suburbs in Tauranga.

Every business, despite its size, spends a significant part of the money on installing carpets in their offices.

Therefore, it is essential to take the necessary precautions to preserve it and prolong its life. 

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Best carpet cleaning

This carpet cleaner makes use of a hot water extraction system. Pre-spraying a carpet with our excellent deodorize products,

And extract with steamy water to get the best results and balanced PH level of the carpet and upholstery.

Steam clean uplifts the decor of your home and serves the purpose of being your kid’s and pet’s favourite hangout spot.

Having said that, maintaining its hygiene is all the more crucial. While you cater to your family’s and your needs.

Leave your steam carpet cleaning needs to be handled by the highly reputed cleaning company for wool rug and carpet cleaning.


Our highly experienced team will thoroughly pre-inspect your carpet 

And identify any potential stains and give you an evaluation of the expected results. 

Then we do pre-vacuuming to lose dirt before the cleaning. Then we pre-spray your carpet using the citrus pre-spray solution, 

which will bring all the soil to the top layer of the carpet and then scrub with Rotovac 360i for a heavy-duty clean

As you know, Rotovac is a commercial jet extractor for the high-grade professional machine for carpets

That uses rotating vacuum heads for a deep carpet cleaning rather than the surface of it and the best carpet stain removal.

It gives out a 360-degree cleaning direction, preferably in a parallel path, and after that last step clean and extract with hot water extraction.

 Which removes harmful bacteria and dirt from the piles of the carpet

 Of course, it also balances the PH level of the carpet, which will leave your carpet clean and soft. 

We also offer Upholstery cleaning, Flood restoration & House Cleaning.

Book your next carpet cleaning service in Tauranga call now to get a free quote, and we have a highly trained expert of the best carpet stain remover. 

For Example, red wine, urine, coffee or tea, grease, tar, wax, yellowish or browny stains, vomit, blood, drink or synthetic stains, odour neutralizer and organic dyes, etc.



Gone are when you had to leave your carpets aside for days after steam cleaning to let them dry off. At Epic Cleaning Services, our team is equipped with the latest high commercial-grade equipment that thoroughly steam cleans your carpet and dries quickly within 4-8 hours of the service.

From food and wine stains to pet urine and other odours, we use green and eco-friendly products and disinfectants to keep all dust and dirt-borne diseases at bay. Revive the colour and beauty of your carpets by booking your steam carpet cleaning in Tauranga with us.

Also offer Persian rug cleaning, and commercial carpet cleaning for commercial premises, offices, restaurants, and banks.

Hire the most reputed choice for steam carpet cleaning in Tauranga at Epic Cleaning Services and relish the comfort of sanitized carpets at affordable prices.

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