Builder Cleaners

Whether you need a new house build clean or after builders cleaning services before moving into your new house or commercial premises.

Our professionals are always up to the task to ensure that you come home to a sparkling residence without an ounce of dirt or unorganized items.

Owing to our years of prior experience in the field, our clients can rest assured knowing that their beloved homes are in good hands.

Well, that’s where we come into play! At Epic Cleaning Services, we offer a thorough builder clean in the mid of the construction.

And in addition to it, our professional build cleaners make sure that you hand over a fresh-smelling property to your clients and not a foul one!

We make sure that the property looks excellent After that we have done thorough scrubbing and cleaning.

Our premier construction site cleaning and build clean services cover a wide range of customers’ demands:

 – Professional commercial contractor

 – Property renovation and development firm 

 – Private home builder cleaning 

 – New built houses

 – Big Appartments

It also offers House cleaning, commercial cleaning services and Industrial cleaning,


Epic Cleaning Services is a trusted and reputed pick because of our for new build house cleaning and builders cleaning services in Tauranga.

On the other hand-operated as the same for many years. With a customer-specific approach clubbed with our experience and skills, 

We emphasize delivering top-notch quality without burning a hole in your pocket.

We are known for maintaining consistent quality of work, Therefore making us a premier pick for builders cleaning in Tauranga. 

Our team of competent and empathetic cleaners pay significant attention to detail and gives instructions to deliver better than what was promised.

As a leading name in the business of builders cleaning in Tauranga, 

we are well aware of our responsibilities. Which serve as our driving force to deliver exceptional results. 

We are laced with high-quality equipment which allows us to expand our horizons and become better at our job every day. 

We club innovation with our expertise to offer bespoke cleaning solutions, specific to your needs.

To get your site cleaned by the most sought-out cleaning company in the area.

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Our new builder cleaning services are flexible and entirely customizable. You can either opt to avail cleaning services.

For your entire house or commercial premises including everything ranging from cleaning windows to water blasting the driveways and backyards.

Clients can either opt to get an instant clean up service where we will be providing you home cleaning service within the same day,

Provided that few conditions are met, or they can opt for a home cleaning service for a later date to schedule it according to their routines or requirements.

Added to the flexible appointment dates, clients can also customize the type of services they would like to avail of with the home cleaning package.

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