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Are you looking for the best home cleaning company in Tauranga? With a deadly virus like Corona on the loose, there is nothing more important than keeping you and your family safe. The only way to ensure that Coronavirus fails to hit your loved ones is by practising isolation and staying at home. Call today to get your free quote to ring our company for deep home cleaning.

Since you are going to spend the entire day (weeks maybe) trapped inside your house, make sure that you keep your premises free from all sorts of germs. If you are tired of listening to tons of tips, then leave it all behind and follow these simple cleanliness ways to ensure your and your family’s well-being. Have a good read!

Disinfecting is essential

Disinfecting your premises is of utmost importance. Clean your house every day without fail with disinfecting sprays and solutions for keeping germs at bay. Use disposable cloth pieces to dust and mop and surely sanitize the reusable fabrics. From floors to window cleaning in Tauranga, invest in reliable cleaning supplies to do the job.

Cleaning the sinks and basins

Whether it’s the washroom basin or the kitchen sink, make sure that you clean them after every use. Employ sink cleaner or detergent to get rid of any spots, and in case someone sick has used them, don’t waste any time and disinfect them right away.

Keep the floors tidy

With people moving in and out of your home every day, your floors can spread the virus and other diseases with ease. That being said, make sure that you pay special attention to your floors. Use disinfectant sprays to keep the flooring tidy. For extensive cleaning, you can always call in professionals for house cleaning in Tauranga.

Clean the common touching areas

If someone sick is living on the same premises as you, then this point becomes all the more essential. Since there are numerous touching points in the house, here are a few places that should be cleaned every few hours.

  • Doors
  • Doorknobs
  • Faucets
  • Remotes
  • Fridge handle
  • Kids’ toys and more

While disinfection is essential, keeping the garbage out of your premises is crucial too. Virus or not, the cleanliness of your home is your responsibility. In these times of turmoil, work your best to keep your surroundings sanitized as much as possible. Here’s wishing best of health you!

What To Look For Once A Home Cleaning Job Is Complete

First, make an overall evaluation. Is your house clean and does it smell fresh?

It should be obvious that the carpets have been vacuumed but check difficult-to-reach areas (like under your beds and couch) to ensure that those areas have also been cleaned.

Have your kitchen and bathroom floors been quickly washed or washed thoroughly?

Check the walls and corners of the room to see if they have also been cleaned. They should be free of dust and grime.

Check to make sure the toilets have been scrubbed well and that all of the mirrors, sinks, and chrome work shine. Your furniture also should be free of dust and sparkling clean.

Also, check to see if small items have been moved like candle holders and picture frames to dust those areas. No cleaning company can perfectly replicate your layout once they are done. If items have been moved, that is a sign they have cleaned in a very thorough manner.

Are You Ready for a Happy, Healthy and Clean Home?

If you want to keep your house clean without all of the hassles of doing it on your own then hiring a professional cleaning company is your best solution. Cleaning services provide many benefits and are more cost-effective compared to what you may have thought they were.

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