Coronavirus Cleaning Tips

How To Disinfect Everything: Coronavirus Cleaning Services Tips

You might haven’t worried about how you’re disinfecting your living space: from windows to your sofa and carpets, until the COVID-19 disease outbreak. But the pandemic highlights precautions that you should follow strictly.

On top of safety and hygiene, a clean space and furniture add value to your property. Whether you are deep cleaning to prepare the house before a new season or new occupants, taking extra steps to mitigate transmission is crucial.

Second mortgage loan providers from Max Funding agree that a clean home pitches high value when appraised. Shane Perry says, “The best real estate agents know that one of the keys to increasing a property’s value is keeping it clean. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that you maintain cleaning routines whether you do it personally or hire cleaning services.”

To help you out, below are COVID-19 cleaning tips and disinfecting guide:

What Disinfectants To Use?

There’s a lengthy list of disinfectants that can eliminate the coronavirus. Hence to pick the effective ones, keep this tip in mind:

If a disinfectant claims to kill SARS, influenza virus, or common flu virus, it can also function against Covid 19.

Clean and Disinfect High Before Going Low

Dust and pathogens aren’t limited to floor tiles and surfaces. Lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, shelves and elements up to the ceiling are likely to get grimy. These places don’t get wiped as much and spread dirt and dust into the area underneath them. 

Disinfecting and cleaning up these elevated elements would minimise the mess below. Start cleaning and disinfecting from the top and work your way down.

Disinfecting High Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces are the places or things that you touch more often. These include handles, doorknobs, light switches, fridge and microwave doors,  drawers, side tables, chair back, coffee maker, kettle, beauty items, doors, curtains, closet, toys, seat toilet, mobile equipment, remote TV, dining tables, and more. It’s imperative to clean and disinfect these high-touch places or items daily to reduce health risks.

Sanitising Your Carpets

Extract stains and blemishes from your carpet using a solution of carpet pre-spray and water.  Rinse thoroughly and disinfect your carpet. Start by setting your iron to steam, and iron your carpets for around 30 minutes.

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