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We, at Epic Cleaning Services, offer you various kinds of pest management services such as pest control, insect control, Termite Treatment, cockroach control, Spider control, rat control services, etc.

We offer revolutionary and eco-friendly solutions, which relieve you from various kinds of pests, insects, rat, etc at cost-effective way. Our strong workforce includes field supervisors, quality control coordinators, staff entomologists, etc. Developing new ideas and methods, we provide various pest control & management services, which are environmental friendly and harmless.

Termite Control : Termites are sometimes called "white ants", though they are not closely related to true ants. Two of the major types of termites are Drywood termites and Sub -terranean termites. Termites live in colonies and build their nests in soil and/or wood. Wood is the main food of all termites, even those that nest primarily in the soil. At Epic Cleaning we use top class methods to get rid of the termites

Cockroach Control : Cockroaches may be disgusting! But they can be controlled And that control of them would be the same for all ... just get rid of them! Cockroach mostly found in moist places such as kitchen ,severages ,etc They feed on human and pet food and they leave offensive order .They can passsively transport pathogenic microbes . Insecticides and dusts will kill cockroaches they contact, but if it can't reach the cockroaches because they are hiding in or under piles of papers or trash, which provide for all their survival needs, there is likelihood of success. At Epic Cleaning we use different methods to get rid of them.

Mosquitoes Control : Mosquitoes are small like flies which feed upon blood of various kinds of host mainly vertebrates , including mammals , birds , etc. They are the vector of disease passing from host to host , they transmit harmful infections such as malaria , dengue ,fever , yellow fever, etc. At Epic Cleaning we use different methods to get rid of them.

Carpet Beetle Control : Carpet beetles, which belong to the family of beetles known as dermestids, are pests in warehouses, homes, museums, and other locations where suitable food exists. It’s not always possible to tell from the damage whether clothes moths or carpet beetles caused it, but in general carpet beetles are more likely to damage a large area on one portion of a garment or carpet while moth damage more often appears as scattered holes. At Epic Cleaning we use different methods to get rid of them.

Moth Control : Moths typically have two pairs of wings covered in scales. They have a coiled proboscis and large compound eyes. Moths vary dramatically in appearance and size depending on the species. Some are massive and others tiny. The most common ways that moths get inside home are by flying through an open door or window and being unintentionally brought inside via infested food products, infested plants, on infested fabric items and on our clothing when a moth lands on a piece of our clothing and is unknowingly brought inside a home or business. The use of common pesticides is not advised in treating a moth infestation. The most effective solution for indoor infesting moths is to identify the moth and the breeding materials. Once found, the breeding materials should be addressed according to the item. For professional assistance, contact epic cleaning professional.

Mice & Rodents Control : The house mouse is considered one of the most troublesome pests . House mice live and thrive under a variety of conditions in and around homes and farms. House mice consume food meant for humans or pets. They contaminate food-preparation surfaces with their feces, which can contain the bacterium that causes food poisoning (salmonellosis). Their constant gnawing causes damage to structures and property. At Epic Cleaning we use different methods to get rid of them.

Fleas & Spider Control : The age-old scourge of fleas, usually associated with pet dogs or cats, can affect any home. And while chemical-based flea treatments can be effective, they may pose health hazards to occupants as well as pets. Fleas are similar to cockroaches in that they adapt to their environment. They become stronger and more immune to the popular commercial flea control chemicals with each generation. Most of the fleas are living in your pet's environment, rather than in its fur. Every flea found on your pet may mean that there approximately 30 more living in your home. For professional assistance, contact epic cleaning professionals.

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