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Floor Cleaning

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Epic Cleaning offers a variety of floor cleaning services depending on the type and texture of your floor. For example, a tile floor usually needs to be professionally stripped and thoroughly rinsed. Then we follow-up with a floor sealerHouston follr cleaning services, and a top quality floor finish. Once thoroughly dry, we buff to a high gloss shine. Should you possess a wood floor, cool mopping followed by a paste waxing and high-speed buffing would be necessary. If your wood floor is in poor condition pre-sanding may be needed prior to the above. If you have a marble floor, a floor scrubbing and special waxing and buffing are required.

Floor cleaning and maintenance service can be availed as an independent service or as part of our facility management package.

services details

We offer two main specialised floor cleaning services: strip and seal floor cleaning and marble floor cleaning.

Strip and Seal floor cleaning services : Our strip and seal floor cleaning services are especially suited to vinyl floorings. We start the process by stripping a thin layer of vinyl before cleaning the new surface beneath it. We then apply an acrylic and polymer sealer to the cleaned surface before buffing and shining it. As well as removing germs and dirt, this strip and seal floor cleaning service protects the floor which makes it last longer. This type of floor cleaning is popular due to the frequent use of vinyl floors in factory floors, retail centres and even office kitchens and bathrooms.

Marble floor cleaning services: Our specialised marble cleaning services are designed to clean, restore and maintain your marble floors to keep them looking like new no matter what their age. Marble floor cleaning is highly specialised and requires the use of very specific equipment. For this reason, the staff we use for this kind of cleaning are highly trained and experienced. Typically used in office blocks, hospitality buildings and retail spaces, our specialised marble floor cleaning service is split into two services depending on the floor’s condition: marble enhancing and full marble restoration.

Marble Enhancing: This floor cleaning service is best suited to marble floors that are in fairly good condition but that require periodic maintenance because they’re used often. We complete the marble enhancing process in two steps. First, we use a single-disk machine with special floor pads containing industrial diamonds to buff the floor. Next, we apply special chemicals to the floor in order to create a brilliant shine that shows off your marble to its original glory.

Scrubbing & Polishing

Scrubbing and wax/polish – Sometimes your floors look dull and need a good scrub. We use a machine scrubber, followed by a coat of wax and finally buff the floor. Buffing the floor helps to restore shine, remove scuff marks and spread the wax evenly.

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